Flight Plan

Point of Departure

Obtaining of plans, aerial photography, documents & information, investigations, site inspections & negotiations with the client.

Pre-flight check

Preparation of a draft development concept for discussion with the client.
Discussions & negotiations with the local authority, organizations & interested & affected parties.
Perusal of title deeds of the property for the lodging of applications related to the cancellation of any restrictive title deed conditions, if necessary.

Permission for Take Off

The preparation of all relevant documentation, a motivational report & applicable plans with the client.
The finalization of the documentation based on input from the client and relevant officials of the local authority.

Take Off

Submission of application to all relevant departments.

Climbing to Cruising Altitude

Advertisement of development proposal.

Warning: Turbulence Ahead

The assessment of and response to any objections.
The assessment of and response to any comments from governmental departments.

In Flight Entertainment

Management of the consideration of the application by the relevant authorities and the finalization of all administrative matters.

Final Approach for Landing

An item for the development appears before the local Council for consideration.

Safe Landing

Approval of application.

Final Destination

Rezoning. Subdivisions. Township layout. High density residential development. Departures (guest houses, building lines, etc). Farm re-alignments. Wine cellar rezonings. Establishment of additional dwelling units. Compilation of master plans.

REATLEHILE JANKIE (Technical Town and Regional Planner)

Reatlehile holds a National Diploma in Town and Regional Planning...

Richard holds a Bachelor of Law (UNISA) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Municipal